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Ibibio People's Union® (IPU), a socio-cultural 501c3 (non-for-profit) organization is registered in the United States of America...
About Us

History of Ibibio People's Union®

Ibibio People's Union® (IPU), a socio-cultural not-for-profit organization is registered in the United States of America. Ibibio People’s Union was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States of America on October 30, 2010 and in the words of Ibibio Historian, Monday Effiong Noah, “at a time when Ibibio identity was denied, doubted, distorted, assailed and redefined,” IPU was formed when Ibibio Patriots in the United States of America pulled together those who own to being and are proud to be called Ibibio, sons, and daughters who were willing and committed to establishing the Union that will answer to the yearnings of Ibibio. It was the camaraderie among these decent Ibibio with similar Innovative Mindset, Fearlessness, Proactivity, and Transparency that propelled the founding fathers to form an organization that will stand the taste of time and leaves a legacy for generations of Ibibio.

The IPU is remodeled after the indomitable Ibibio State Union founded by Patriots of the Sir Udo Udoma era in 1927. These unwavering Patriots - the founding members of Ibibio People’s Union are determined to build up a disparate and often disunited tribe of people, to take themselves and their heritage as an honored people amongst Nigerian tribes for their Honesty and Sincerity. Among all the peoples of Nigeria, the Ibibio stood out as the most honest, peace loving, accommodating and hospitable, whose popular brand of delicacy “Edikang Ikong” is received worldwide. It is the objective of Ibibio People’s Union to restore Ibibio pride and Unity in a United and peaceful Nigeria.

In 2015, IPU decided to expand from a domestic body to a global organization to be of service wherever Ibibio may be. The Union made several changes, as an organization with respected and disciplined memberships, IPU expelled two unruly members, moved the Global Headquarters to Austin, Texas, United States of America, applied for and received a registered trademark for the name "Ibibio People's Union®, and for the Union's Logo," and formed many branches outside the shores of the United States. The Union adopted its Mantra of "I am not above You, I am not below You, I am with You," an emphasis that all Ibibio irrespective of their background must be treated equally and respectfully. A new organizational structure was created, and a Horizontal Integration strategy was adopted which emphasized "3CGI" Operating Model representing Creativity, Community, Collaboration, Globalization, and Innovation. The adoption of this trajectory provides the Union with a focus to stay within the framework of its mission and to create metrics for substantively measuring its progress. The Union envisions acquiring a land and building a Secretariat in the motherland – a historical place where children, grandchildren, and future generations can go to appreciate that there were Ibibio men and women who lived in the United States of America, had the willing heart and the determination to come back home (motherland) despite all obstacles to build and sustain.

Today, IPU is a global Ibibio organization of repute. In August of 2017 and at the Global Congress in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, IPU ratified its amended constitution to embody the new innovative and classical Ibibio global organization it has now become. IPU is registered in Nigeria as Ibibio People’s Progressive Union (IPPU).

Ikpafak Thompson Essien was the first Global President of IPU/IPPU, and Ikpafak Edet Udofia is the second Global President of the Union.

Members of Ibibio People’s Union wherever they may be are known as "Ikpafak" symbolizing energy, power, fearlessness, ability to resolve difficult tasks, truth, honesty, audacity, tenacity, and resoluteness. All branches of the Union provide selfless service to their respective communities while promoting the culture and traditions of Ibibio.

IPU® Logo

Ibibio People's Union (IPU) - A Registered Trademark Logo

The Union’s Logo is a registered trademark and consists of four elements. The palm fruits represent Agriculture and Commerce; the Cap and Tassle epitomizes Education, the Eye characterizes Vigilance, and the Balance Beam Scale represents Justice.

Motto: Ikpafak

IKPAFAK, an Ibibio artifact symbolizes strength and resilience. In the cultural history of the Ibibio, Ikpafak was used to tune drums for excellent sound production. Ikpafak was used in chopping wood which had stumps and could not yield to the sharpness of the axe, or to the strength employed by the wood chopper. Ikpafak eased the strain imposed on the chopper and made easy the wood chopping. Many sawyers of wood use Ikpafak to hammer logs to make the log easy to saw. Because of the attributes it symbolizes - energy, power, fearlessness, ability to resolve difficult tasks, truth, honesty, audacity, tenacity, and resoluteness – IPU/IPPU adopted the artifact as its Motto. Ikpafak has also been adopted as the official name for all registered members of IPU/IPPU. All members of IPU/IPPU are addressed as "Ikpafak."

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